Tim Storer Independent Senator for SA
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Prime Minister — Get on with it

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It is time for Scott Morrison to get on with the job of implementing legislation passed by parliament and defending our borders, rather than wasting taxpayers money on an expensive flight to Christmas Island for another instalment of a baseless scare campaign.

No people have been moved from Nauru or PNG, indeed none have even been assessed.

The legislation specifically gives the Minister the power to reject medical transfers on grounds of national security or serious criminality, so there is no justification for the PM suggesting that suspected criminals will be “walking the streets of Australia”.

Rather than spending taxpayers money on unnecessary flights, Mr Morrison might concentrate on ensuring the Border Force has sufficient personnel, resources and vessels available to protect our borders, rather than relying on the Defence Department to fill the gaps caused by funding cuts, as revealed in a leaked Defence briefing note.

It seems that the PM is lashing out to cover up his failure to give the Border Force the resources it needs to protect our sovereignty.