Tim Storer Independent Senator for SA
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Medical Transfers Amendments Passed the HOR

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Sick people in our care are now one step closer to get the quality of medical treatment they need, without jeopardising our borders.

I am pleased to have been part of a process which has seen the Australian parliament at its best.

None of those involved in the discussions which led to the amendments carried by the House of Representatives got everything they wanted.

But, members of a number of parties, as well as independents, like myself, came together to achieve a result which should help sick people on Nauru and in PNG get the medical attention that we would expect for ourselves.

These amendments would not have been necessary had the government not tried to use the courts to stop sick people coming to Australia for treatment.

These amendments should bring this heartless practice to an end.

Despite the government’s efforts, more than 800 sick people have been brought to Australia for treatment, either by court order or by application to the court, without the people smuggling trade resuming.

There is no reason to believe these amendments will change that.

The government should accept the decision of the majority of members of the House of Representatives and the Senate – and allow the amendments through the Upper House as quickly as possible.

The people of Australia will not thank them for any attempts to delay this considered and humane measure.