Tim Storer Independent Senator for SA
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Earthquakes in Lombok Motion

On the 22 August 2018 myself and Senator Penny Wong moved that the Senate


  • Expresses its deepest sympathy, support and solidarity for all those impacted by the devastating earthquakes in Lombok, Indonesia. 


  • Notes the shocking loss of life, with 460 casualties in the earthquake on 5 August 2018 and at least 10 casualties from the 19 August earthquake, and that these earthquakes, aftershocks and subsequent landslides have caused further injuries, destruction and devastation for the region.


  • Recognises the contribution of the Indonesian community has made and continues to make to Australia, and the importance of the friendship between our two nations.


  • Calls on the Australian government to continue to offer support to the Indonesian authorities in the rescue and reconstruction effort, and to all others impacted by this tragedy.