Tim Storer Independent Senator for SA
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Media Release- New Prime Minister

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I congratulate Scott Morrison and Josh Frydenberg on their elevation to the highest elected positions in the land.

We should all thank Malcolm Turnbull and Julie Bishop for their years of public service as Prime Minister and Foreign Minister.

The immediate task for Mr Morrison and Mr Frydenberg, as it is for all parliamentarians, is to restore the trust of Australian voters in our great democracy and its institutions.

This will be no easy task.

The level of voter alienation has rarely been more intense.

Now is not the time for a general election.

History shows that voters do not appreciate leaders who take them to early polls.

The parliament should run its full term.

It is time for all parliamentarians to focus on policy on the basis of evidence and merit in the public interest, not on the basis of perceived short term political gain.

On the key issues of energy and comprehensive tax reform, for example, it has been a lost decade.

We have no time to lose if we care about the future prosperity and wellbeing of the nation.

On energy, there is no policy the people can trust, no policy to give business the certainty to invest – no policy.

There are no guarantees of affordability, sustainability or reliability.

On revenue, and by extension fairness, the opportunities offered by the Henry tax review of ten years ago have been lost in self-interested lobbying.


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